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Building a biarch kernel with make-kpkg under i386?

Good evening!

The kernel-image-2.6.8-2-amd64-k8 kernel in debian/sid is quite nice.
However, I would like to build my own.
How do I instruct make-kpkg in an i386 install to build a 64bit kernel?

I've tried using the 'arch' setting, but then it tries to use a
cross-compiler instead of the '-m64' flag supported by the gcc 3.4 in
sid (which works great [1]). If I specify explicitly to use gcc-3.4, ld,
objdump, etc., then it fails later on claiming that some parts have to
be 32 bit (which appears to be correct).

What is the magic command-line which was used to produce the
kernel-image present in debian/sid? Thanks.

[1]: I actually was running the pure64 for a while b/c I am developing
applications which need 64bit registers. However, the various wrinkles
bothered me too much so I switched back to 32bit. The amd64-libs works
great for me, since I can continue to use all my 32bit software and yet
can develop 64bit applications.

Wesley W. Terpstra <wesley@terpstra.ca>

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