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Re: APM & or ACPI Power Management for notebook ?

Lud Professor wrote:

I try tu put the APM power management ON to compile a 2.6.8-1 kernel but i think it's not possible with a x86_64 architecture. ( i've got a amd64 3000+ with a via82xx chipset) Is it wrong ? because i can't see any options for the APM on the kernels .config and on make menuconfig.

If I recall correctly, APM implies calling 32 bit code in the BIOS. Therefore, it is unlikely to work in a 64 bit kernel without a lot of effort by the kernel developers.

It's just to have the battery stats working and to shutdown properly whithout i press the power button after the last kernel message ACPI_POWER_OFF called

I've been using ACPI calls for battery, cpufreq and shutdown. The former works and the latter doesn't. However, I haven't taken the time to figure out why the 32bit ACPI shutdown works and the 64bit one does not, because I rarely actually shut down.

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