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Bug#274240: Drop AMD64 from arch list

Package: supercollider
Severity: wishlist

I just tried supercollider on our company AMD64 box running
the unofficial Debian pure64 port.  The package is available, but
sclang immediately segfaults (after some basic startup msgs).

I now found this:

which clearly indicates that SC does *not* work on
amd64 machines in 64-bit mode, even though the compile works without

To avoid confusing amd64 users, it would probably be a good idea
to prevent building of supercollider on amd64 somehow.

(And if some guru knows an easy solution for the problem described in
 above link, its proably worth trying to patch sc for Debian-amd64.
 At least I wanted to replace my personal workstation at home with a AMD64
 box soon, but since I do use supercollider a lot, that plan
 is now no longer very good.)

      Mario Lang

Graz University of Technology     mailto:lang@ZID.TUGraz.at
Department Computing               http://www.ZID.TUGraz.at/lang/
Phone: +43 (0) 316 / 873 - 6897

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