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Re: Update screwes up bios (or something)

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Yes.  Similar thing just happened here.  Just upgraded x-window-system-core to 
4.3.0.dfsg.1-8 from 4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 and X now aborts with sig11.  It was 
working fine.  I haven't been able to back down to 1-7 yet to try to get it 
going again.
- ---
John C. Martin

On Wednesday 29 September 2004 4:45 pm, Johan Groth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using the gcc-3.4 version of amd64 and have just installed
> gnome-desktop and x-window-system. I also installed the nvidia drivers. The
> installation went fine but when I try to start x (startx) the screen goes
> blank and won't recover. So only resort was reboot but still a blank
> screen. I had to clear the bios first to the display back! Ok, boot again,
> got the grub menu, booted 2.6.8 smp and I see the usual grub messages, then
> the screen goes blank again! It's like it's turning off the video card,
> which is btw, a Leadtek FX5200 card. The system is totally unusable right
> now.
> Has anyone else encountered this?
> System spec:
> Tyan 2885
> 2 Opteron 244
> 4 x Kingston DDR 333 256MB
> Adaptec 2940UW
> Floppy
> NEC DVD rom (scsi)
> Plextor Plexwriter (scsi)
> HP DAT 24i (scsi)
> Fujitsi HD 17 GB (IDE)
> Leadtek FX5200
> So as you can see there is nothing fancy nor brand new in the box.
> /Johan
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