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Re: Update screwes up bios (or something)

I have a tiger k8w, and somwhere along the line I mussed it up video
card like that. i'm not really sure how i did it, but i only noticed it
when i locked myself out of the machine trying to use pam_ldap. clearing
the bios fixed it. i think it maybe bad agp settings, but i'm not sure.
it's a server in a rack so i didn't really feel to compelled to
reproduce the bug, i'd advise setting up the serial interface to the
bios and serial out in your kernel, that way you can at least shut down
the machine properly the next time the screen blanks out.

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 16:45, Johan Groth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using the gcc-3.4 version of amd64 and have just installed
> gnome-desktop and x-window-system. I also installed the nvidia
> drivers. The installation went fine but when I try to start x (startx)
> the screen goes blank and won't recover. So only resort was reboot but
> still a blank screen. I had to clear the bios first to the display
> back! Ok, boot again, got the grub menu, booted 2.6.8 smp and I see
> the usual grub messages, then the screen goes blank again! It's like
> it's turning off the video card, which is btw, a Leadtek FX5200 card.
> The system is totally unusable right now.
> Has anyone else encountered this?
> System spec:
> Tyan 2885
> 2 Opteron 244
> 4 x Kingston DDR 333 256MB
> Adaptec 2940UW
> Floppy
> NEC DVD rom (scsi)
> Plextor Plexwriter (scsi)
> HP DAT 24i (scsi)
> Fujitsi HD 17 GB (IDE)
> Leadtek FX5200
> So as you can see there is nothing fancy nor brand new in the box. 
> /Johan

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