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Problems installing gcc-3.4

Hi everybody,
I've tried, and failed, to install gcc-3.4 with debian installer. I used the monolithic iso image (25/09/2004) and changed the directory to /gcc-3.4/ but it complained that it couldn't find any kernel-modules (2.6.8). Are gcc-3.4 and pure64 out of sync? I could install pure64 without any problems though and apt-get dist-upgrade to gcc-3.4.
Another problem I have now, with gcc-3.4 installed, is that I can't install the nvidia drivers. I have downloaded the .run package and tried with ./NVIDIA.... --kernel-source-path /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.8 but it complains about cc version. Apperently the kernel is compiled with another version so how do get around this problem?
Best regards,

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