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Re: Installing debian-amd64

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> A Dimarts 28 Setembre 2004 11:03, Kunjan Shah va escriure:
> [...]
>> > >
>> > > so yeah while you are installing and when it asks for the install
>> > > method(http, ftp etc) at that time hit alt+f2 at that time type in
>> > > "nano /etc/apt/sources.list" that ought to work and then add the
>> file
> I have tried it and it doesn't work. I can only check ftp or http and the
> choosemirror program doesn't care about the sources.list. Any idea?

IIRC you wanted to get it from a local harddisk.
You could try to run the installer in expert mode and at the stage where
you download the additional installer modules, select the one that enables
local hdd package repositories. AFAIK it is not available in the default
path of the installer.


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