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Re: Do you know this mirror?

Brett Viren wrote:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > Except for the Packages file I see no advantage for rsync in the case
> > of the deb archive.  In fact I see a serious advantage for using
> > http.  Pull the Packages files locally and then do all of the system
> > stats locally.  It would seem to be the lightest on the server of the
> > available options.
> 1) Automatic deletion of files on the mirror when they disappear
> upstream.

The 'debmirror' program handles this too.  And importantly in the
correct order.  First update the pool with new files, then update the
Packages files, then remove the obsoleted files.

For people using rsync I fear they are just rsync'ing the two
directories 'pool' and 'dist' without taking this into consideration.
The archive is large and takes time to run from start to finish.  That
opens up a window of time between when files are deleted and the
Packages file is updated that the files are not available from the
mirror.  Or time between getting the new Packages files and getting
the new debs if run in the reverse order.

> 2) Preservation of hard links and the resulting preservation of disk
> space.

I can't think of any files in a depot that would be hard linked.  All
of the files look to be unique files to me.  What am I missing?


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