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Re: Mathematica SIGSEGV Crash

> I have the same problem, but I am using the "trying version", which has saving
> disabled. 

I also tried running the trial version first.  After the crashes, I
installed the full version, but it also crashed.  Wolfram support is
going to install Debian AMD64 on one of their machines, and try and
reproduce the crash.

For now we can open files from the command line, and use File->Save
(not Save As).

> BTW, do you know if Wolfram could give me the AMD64 port for free if I have
> already a x86 licence? (I will not use both at the same time, of course)

I am not sure what their license specifies, as far as running
different platforms. Have you tried licensing the trial version with
your x86 license info?

> Selon Svend Sorensen <sorensen@sdf.lonestar.org>:
>> I am trying to run the AMD64 port of Mathematica 5.0.1 on a AMD Opteron
>> running Debian AMD64.  The x86 version of Mathematica ran without
>> problems.
>> The AMD64 Mathematica starts OK, but when I select File->Open, Save, or
>> Save As, it crashes with the following output:
>> > Mathematica has received the signal: SIGSEGV and has exited.
>> > If possible, please report this problem to support@wolfram.com
>> > describing in in as much detail as possible what you were doing
>> > when the problem occurred.
>> > Segmentation fault
>> I have emailed support@wolfram.com regarding this issue, but I wanted to
>> check if anyone on the debian-amd64 list has run Mathematica-AMD64
>> successfully, or has any ideas as to what would be causing this crash.
>> I also saw that Wolfram's Mathematica Platform Availability page
>> <http://www.wolfram.com/products/mathematica/platforms.html> lists SuSE
>> ES 8 as the supported distribution.

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