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Re: Is AMD64 Debian port suitable for production servers

Aritz Beraza Garayalde [Rei] wrote:
> You can install debian form amd64 right now. You can read this [1] to
> learn how to do it. Last I heard about it, 97% of the debian official
> packages where ported to amd64, and we have regular update, te same as
> the official debian sid distro.

We have the same problem - a Dual Opteron has to be installed next week
(Webserver apache/mysql/php..). Of course a really bad moment, but we
can't change that.

So our prefered configuration is to use sarge/testing including the
amd64-libs which are already in testing, a 64bit-kernel and compile the
most applications ourselves.

however says that work on this will not be continued? Are there any
experiences about problems (ie. libraries). 

thx for any comments,

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