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Success report Thunder K8S/AMD-8111/3ware 8506/Broadcomm 5700

Greetings --

A big thank you to everyone who has worked hard to get this port running! It's a thrill to be back on Debian.

I just switched my SuSE 9.0 system over, using the cross-install instructions at http://www.burgettsys.com/stories/59455/ and the debian-amd64-howto.

Documentation suggestions:

It might be really useful for people crossing over if the debian-amd64-howto contained these very simple instructions for crossing over. Since Debian is getting support for amd64 later than some of the other distros, there may be others who start out with a commercial distro and switch.

Mention that you need module-init-tools, or no modules will load.

Installation problems:

There were various small problems with debootstrap -- init scripts retained the "FAKE" version after install, console-data didn't install, base-config needed to be rerun -- but the problems self-corrected on reinstalling these packages. tasksel never managed to actually install anything.

Kernel issues:

I kept making kernels that oopsed right at the outset while starting to boot, possibly because I built CONFIG_X86_MSR and CONFIG_X86_CPUID into the kernel (not confirmed). Debian's (Broadcomm's) bcm5700-source driver also killed my system reliably; use tg3.

I can't comment on stability at this point, but things are looking good!


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