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no DHCP release after sendsigs

Hi everybody,

I habe a new Dual-Opteron working station and installed the AMD64 sid
port quite successfully (except for problems with the d-i, after using
dfs it was no problem!).

But I have a problem: When I let the system reboot it hangs forever on
the DHCP release... When, before typing 'reboot', I do the
deconfiguration like 'ifdown eth0' then rebooting is no problem. When
investigating the rc6.d directory I played a bit with the shutdown
scripts and saw if I execute the 'S35networking' before rebooting,
everything is fine, _but_ if in the normal shutdown procedure
'S20sendsigs' is executed before the 'S35networking' then the system

Can you help me out, since always walking to the room where the
machine is standing for only pressing reset is not what I want ;-)

Bye the way: The system is configured by dhcp running as a nis client
with autofs, if that is of any interest...

Thanks for helping me out...

Bye, Frederik!

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