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Re: Glibc with NPTL

On 04-Sep-09 14:39, Daniel Malmkvist wrote:
> I really want to use NPTL and I don't think I use it right now. I tried 
> a small JAVA program that generated a lot of threads and the all showed 
> up as separate process, like with linuxthhreads ( used Blackdowns port 
> of Suns JVM for AMD64). I tried the same method on a 32 bit system 
> (debian sarge) and then the threads runs in one process like it should. 
> Is there any simpler way to see if Glibc is NPTL enableed?
> Anyway how do I do to enable NPTL. I downloaded the glibc source package 
> and made sure that ?GLIBC_PASSES += nptl? was included in 
> debian/sysdeps/amd64.mk but it diden't seem to work.
> What am I doning wrong, is there anyone that already have glibc packages 
> that are NPTL enabled?

The amd64/gcc-3.4 archive (http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/gcc-3.4) 
uses a glibc package which exclusively uses NTPL (not in addition but 
instead of the old linuxthreads that need only be used with 2.4 kernels 
which are not supported by the amd64 port). The pure64 archive still 
uses linuxthreads (there is an extra nptl pass in glibc but the 
resulting library is not used as the default).

You can look at the latest glibc patch in 
to see how debian/sysdeps/amd64.mk can be changed to use NPTL instead of 
linuxthreads. That patch does not create an extra nptl pass. It uses 
nptl for the main libc pass instead of linuxthreads.

Andreas Jochens

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