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Re: video card ?

> On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 12:44:08PM +0200, LOMPREZ Olivier wrote:
>> I don't know which video card i must choose.
>> I would like to know if the following video cards :
>> 1) "*Point of View GeForce FX 5900 XT 128 Mo DDR/DVI
>> is compatible"  with Debian-amd64  ?.
>> 2) " **ASUSTEK V9570/TD 256 Mo TV/DVI (NVIDIA GeForce FX5700)
>> is compatible with Debian amd-64 ?.
>> 3) is there any hardware data base for the compatibility ?.
>> Thank you for your answers and your suggestions.
>> Olivier.
> Me too.  In fact, I ask myself a quite similar question all the time:
> If I want to have a good card with fully non-proprietary drivers, what
> should I go for?  I don't mind absence of 3D-accelleration, TV-out,
> dual head, or the obligatory cardboard box with vicious aliens on it.
> But I _do_ mind choosing a state of the art card that the XFree86
> drivers only support 2D on, knowing that the jet engine mounted on the
> card is only cooling things that I will never be able to use.
> Especially since that same jet engine generally needs to be replaced
> every 6 months.  Back in the old days, a safe choice used to be the
> Matrox Millenium, but today even the lowly Matrox G550 requires a binary
> IA32 HAL driver - and that at the price that DGA won't work.  And even
> though I can live without 3D, I'd really like some 2D performance - at
> least an order of magnitude better than the cheap built-in Intel
> Extreme Sluggishness found in too many boxes today.
>     Today, I'm using the Radeon 9800 that came with my Athlon 64 box.
> No 3D, no TV-out, no TV-tuner support - but with one of those jet
> engines.  So, is there anything out there running smoothly on AMD64
> without power drain and without noise pollution?

In the "I want it to work and be stable, forget 3d" category, I've been
going for simpler Quadro models. I've been quite happy with the PNY
Quadro4 NVS 200 model. Good image quality, dualhead VGA or DVI, passive
cooling. A nice bonus is that you can get these as PCI models as well, and
with a low profile bracket. I personally don't know what other
manufacturers offer these cards, I've only used PNY.


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