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Re: why "m32" in 'configuring kernel'?

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 12:29:56AM +0200, Sythos wrote:
> I'm reading amd64 howto and I don't understand why in end section about
> kernel configuration the FAQ say:
> [cut]
> Configuring the kernel
> make HOSTCC="gcc -m32" ARCH="x86_64" menuconfig
> Be sure to include IA32 emulation, otherwise you will not be able to run
> multiarch or i386 binaries on your host system or in a chroot. And for
> simplicity, build a monolithic kernel without any modules.
> make HOSTCC="gcc -m32" ARCH="x86_64" bzImage
> [cut]
> why "m32" and not "m64"? 

 because you're cross compiling.  If you're doing this on a pure64 system,
you don't need to specify ARCH or HOSTCC.

 If you're running a 32bit kernel, you can't run 64bit binaries.  So
programs that have to run during the build process (like programs that do
the menuconfig dialogs) have to be 32bit.

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