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Compaq Presario R3240US


I want to share my experience installing pure64 on
this laptop.

Ocassionally the keyboard gets stuck, It appears to be
a problem with the mouse, because if I unload the
psmodule, the keyboard gives no response.
Also with this message:
atkbd.c: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio1. Some program,
like XFree86, might be trying access hardware directly

And the MAIN Problem is this:

After I run the xserver and try to return to the tty
the screen gets noisy, like a noisy tv. The OS is
running normaly, the only problem is that I cant see

I have tried to correct the problem compiling the
kernel, downloading the nvidia driver, and downloading
the new xfree 4.4 binaries and nothing solves it.

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