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acroread works now && /emul naming scheme?

Hi list,

A gentoo user just pointed me to this thread:

There, "evgeny" describes how to get acroread to work with amd64. The
solution boils down to adding

export XLOCALEDIR=/emul/ia32-linux/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/

to the top of /usr/bin/acroread, as the locale directory already exists
on pure64. Oh, and I noticed that gentoo uses /emul/x86 instead of
/emul/ia32-linux. Probably either us or them should change directory
structure to get some consistency here?

And if someone tries to get opera running with plugins (e.g.
acroread...): You need the libXm libraries, which unfortunately are not
in ia32-libs. But you can get binary versions of those libraries here:
Extract those to the emul directory and it should work (at least it did
for me).

Sebastian Steinlechner

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