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Re: OpenOffice: broken dependency?

Sebastian Steinlechner <amd64@resourcecode.de> writes:

> On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 12:34, Sebastian Steinlechner wrote:
>> So, could someone please rebuild the debian-files package to not depend
>> on openoffice.org-bin, but openoffice.org instead?
> I just realised that this is wrong of course. Further inspection showed
> that the -bin package is still needed, the "replaced by" thingy referred
> to an older version.
> So, I need the openoffice.org-bin package. Where would I get that?
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> Sebastian Steinlechner
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I think its binary-all and you can get it from ftp.debian.org. The OO
debs for amd64 aren't realy done yet or they would have been added to
themain archive. Its work in progress. Proof of concept quality.


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