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Re: xeon 64....

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 07:44:02PM -0500, Ben Kochie wrote:
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> this is the right place to ask about xeon 64, it is the same instruction
> set as amd64.  Shh! No one tell intel they are a clone chip maker!
> I am running i386 Debian on an opteron, and there really isn't a
> preformance issue, but I'm not stressing the system or doing benchmark
> comparisons.
> I would try the Debian-Installer images on Alioth, but unfortunately, it's
> been up and down with hardware issues.  Once it's back up, I would install
> the amd64 port of Debian and give postgres a try

Running amd64 arch on a AMD based chip definitely gives a performance
increase with some things being over 50% faster than using i386 arch.
However, I don't know if anyone has tested Intel's chips in 32/64 mode
on Debian yet. I have heard rumors though that the Intel chips run
slower in 64bit mode than in 32bit mode, but that doesn't make sense to
me unless their chip design was very poor.


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