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Re: xeon 64....

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this is the right place to ask about xeon 64, it is the same instruction
set as amd64.  Shh! No one tell intel they are a clone chip maker!

I am running i386 Debian on an opteron, and there really isn't a
preformance issue, but I'm not stressing the system or doing benchmark

I would try the Debian-Installer images on Alioth, but unfortunately, it's
been up and down with hardware issues.  Once it's back up, I would install
the amd64 port of Debian and give postgres a try

- -ben

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On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Bill wrote:

> Hi,
> I know this is not the right place but I have no idea where else would be
> better....I have two intel nocona systems -- (xeon 64 bit), and I was
> wondering what the best way to install debian is....I am assuming I could
> just install the
> 32 bit version of debian....will this have a huge performance toll if I
> don't plan on using more than 2 GB of RAM (I plan to be using this mainly
> for postgresql serving)?
> Thanks.
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