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Asus notebook

Hi folks, first of all thanks for the work on Debian-amd64! It will take computing to another age! ;-) Now, let's begin: I always love new tech so I'd want to buy an Athlon 64 notebook, exactly the *Asus L5846DFUH*. Is there anyone who just tried it? I know that amd64 pool is nearly complete (or is at 100%?), so should I install virtually any package of the *main* area for this architecture? Should be better waiting a little and install the *gcc 3.4* versions? I don't mind installing Sarge, I can go on with *Sid*(amd64). Is the hardware support decent? *Nvidia drivers*? Is there any program for which I need 32bit libraries or can I install *pure64* with no fear? Thanks a lot

Alessandro Dal Grande
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