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Re: debian installer images


> If you want to try out the amd64 port be prepared for problems,
> downtime, working around bugs, keeping on top of things. Many people
> have successfully installed it and use it daily but compared to the
> testing the stable i386 underwend over the years that a minor portion.
> And the amd64 port is testing/unstable. Things break (or get fixed)
> daily.
>> can you still compile the kernel for x86_64 in this way?).
> We are working on getting a compiler into sarge that will let you
> compile x86_64 kernels. So far you cannot but need to download extra
> debs.

Thanks for the all the info, I'll think about it over the weekend.  I will
most probably just install 32bit sarge and lurk here for a while until a
release.  I'm an engineer by trade and whilst I always work with *nix
systems I am very bad at fixing them (config files are different of
course).  This is why I have my previously mentioned dislike with many gui
tools based distros, they can be an absolute nightmare to debug.  All I
wanted with this amd64 is a fast stable platform to do my work on (numeric
python based sims), plus the normal stuff needed for home use.

Anyhoo, thanks again for your help.


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