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Re: New kernel flavour names


On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 03:49:52PM +0200, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> There will be PentiumM/P6 based 64bit Xeons from Intel a few years
> ahead, which are completely different from the nocona P4-core, I think
> xeon isn't a that good choice for the flavour name.

I spent a lot of time thinking for a good name for this kernel flavour, 
and there we had some discussions on #debian-amd64 on this, wich finally 
lead to renaming the flavour from "nocona" to "amd64-xeon".

I personally don't like this name much, and did not like the "nocona"
name before, neither. 

Intel started with adding a crippled amd64 extension to server-based 
hardware, they will add this presumably to their desktop processors too 
if amd64 based hardware sales will be that high as everyone expects them 
to become, despite they actually say they want to marry ia64 and the
common desktop. but this can only be a forecast for the next 2 years, I
cannot look further with my crystal ball.

I wish intel and amd had agreed on a common name for the architecture
(time back when amd asked them), and I wish intel would have named their
e64mt xeons "pentium 5 xeon" or something, but they did not.

Now, if you have a better name for the "intel xeon e64mt nocona" kernel
flavour (preferably something as short as k8 or k8-smp), feel free to
propose it.

Frederik Schueler


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