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Installation problem (Segmentation fault)

 I tried to install these two netinst iso:

 2004-08-04 and 2004-06-16

 Bot both stops in the base system installation at the same place.

 In the /var/log/messages it says that was a segmentation fault and don´t
install the awk package. So the installer exitis due to dependency problem...

 Anyone know what can I do to discover what is going on?

 I have an Athlon64 and a motherboard with Nforce3 chipset.
 I couldn´t put my wireless network card to work, so, i need to install the base
system from CD.


  Felipe Rayel
  Analista de Sistemas
  CRC/Ciência da Computação - PUC Minas - Poços de Caldas

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