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Re: Installer problem

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 06:55:30PM +0200, Miham KEREKES wrote:
> We partitioned the system to have a simple root and boot partition
> (though this should be the same partition) and we set the remaining 
> 2T-1G space to LVM. To cut the long story short, the installer hung, 
> the last thing I see is "Creating dev entries" or something like that. 
> Since I noticed that the installer is coming w/ a devfsd enabled kernel,
> i wonder why it's needed to create device entries? 

It's creating the /dev entries on /target.  You might be running
a non devfs kernel or not using it so it creates it.

Do you see any useful messages on any the other consoles (vc3 and
vc4).  Or look at what it's doing with ps or something?


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