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Installer problem

Hi All,

We're experiencing some problems regarding installing debian-amd64 on a
dual-Opteron 244 machine w/ 8G RAM. Disk subsystem is SATA w/ 
3ware Escalade 8506, the machine has 2TB HDD space. 

We tried this installer: 

We partitioned the system to have a simple root and boot partition
(though this should be the same partition) and we set the remaining 
2T-1G space to LVM. To cut the long story short, the installer hung, 
the last thing I see is "Creating dev entries" or something like that. 
Since I noticed that the installer is coming w/ a devfsd enabled kernel,
i wonder why it's needed to create device entries? 

What could be the problem?

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm constantly trying to improve it..)

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*****************[ miham@bibl.u-szeged.hu ]******************
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