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Re: gcc-3.4 builds

Thanks for your reply.

I hope you will give a status of when the port is ready for public test :-).

Anders Fugmann

P.s. Your ip address is listed in SORBS (http://www.nl.sorbs.net/), as beeing a dynamically assigned ip address. You should consider using you ISP as mail relay for sending mails, or send SORBS a note.

Andreas Jochens wrote:
On 04-Jul-26 19:05, Anders Peter Fugmann wrote:


I see a new directory on alioth named gcc-3.4, which seems to contain alot of packages. I guess that this is all the packages compiled with gcc-3.4, which generates better code for x86-64 than gcc-3.3.

Is this a complete port (compared to pure64 on alioth) or should I sill have pure64 in my sources.list for packages that are not yet compiled using gcc-3.4?

Currently all packages are being recompiled with gcc-3.4 as the default compiler. The resulting packages are being uploaded to the new repository in the gcc-3.4 directory. Every package is being compiled in clean chroot environment with only the specified Build-Depends installed. Building about 8500 packages
takes some time even on an amd64 machine.

At the moment the gcc-3.4 repository has about 1200 packages
and it includes all packages with priorities 'Required', "Important' and 'Standard' as well as all packages from the base system which are necessary to debootstrap a chroot environment. However, the upload of the missing ~7000 packages will take a few more days.

Also, is there any issues to be aware of when mixing gcc 3.4 compiled packages with gcc 3.3 compiled packages? I read that gcc 3.4 has changed ABI from gcc 3.3, but I'm not sure which architectures this affectes.

I would recommend _not_ to use the packages from the gcc-3.4 repository until the conversion of the archive has been completed.

C++ programs compiled with g++-3.3 use the library from the libstdc++5 package while programs compiled with g++-3.4 use the one from libstdc++6. There are (minor) incompatibilities between those two libraries.

Andreas Jochens

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