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Re: OpenOffice.org AMD-64 debian


Thibaut Fernagut wrote:
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> >Thibaut Fernagut wrote:
> >>Fedora and Suse allready have a OOo 64 bit version ,  but debian-pure-64 
> >>has not. I'm not smart enough to build one for debian , but here is the 
> >>srpm from fedora.
> >>
> >>Could somebody look at this and release a debian-package ?
> >>
> >>ftp://ftp.surfnet.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/fedora/2/x86_64/os/SRPMS/openoffice.org-1.1.1-4.src.rpm
> >
> >I did and this source package does not contain _any_ patches for amd64
> >(which *are* needed).
> >
> >It merely supports only x86 and ppc as the first lines of the .spec
> >show...
> I also have the SRC.RPM from Suse 9.1 AMD  OOo 1.1.1  If you are 
> interested I can put that somewhere on line .

I looked on ftp.suse.com (/pub/suse/x86_64/9.1/suse/x86_x64) and there is
no _x86_64.rpm for OpenOffice.org, just for OpenOffice.org-Quickstarter
(oooqs-kde in Debian).

I'll now fetch the OpenOffice_org-1.1.1-20.src.rpm from src/ but I don't
think this will show any x86_64/amd64 stuff.


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