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Re: Support now in dpkg

On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 06:28:15PM +0100, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 11:39 +0200, Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> >[...]
> > 
> Flamewars?  Frequently.
> > One  of the greatest advantages of  Open Source software, as I  see it,
> > is freedom it gives to the user and developer, and here we have a blatant
> > example of taking that freedom away, don't we? 
> > 
> Taking what freedom away?  Your rant has descended into stupidity.
> Scott
> -- 

It's fascinating to watch how emotional the process of software
creation can be. I wrote so because I was angry. And I was angry
because your decision potentially means a delay of weeks (months?)
before a working amd-64 debian is available. And the tone of your
e-mail didn't sound very much conciliatory, but maybe that's just a
legitimate pressure that one group wants to exert over
another. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the new version of dpkg you
announced is not definitive.


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