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New DFS image available

--- John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
> I don't know.  I have no SATA equipment here and no experience with it
> either, so I'm just guessing.  Could someone please tell me exactly what
> kernel configuration options I need to set to make this work?  Here's
> what's set in the kernel I'm supplying:

Thank you for your quick reply, and I am sorry for the misspelled title.  As I
can see from the listing, you have set SCSI ATA in "SCSI low-level drivers". 
It should be
   # CONFIG_SCSI_SATA is not set
And 2 more lines of SCSI SATA related options should be commneted out to make
them consistent.  But I must admit, I am a quite a minority.  Vast majority of
user probably wants SCSI SATA.  Just in case you created another image by
disabling SCSI SATA, I am more than willing to test your new image by
installing to one of my SATA partition.

I can see you have set a lot of IDE chipset support/bugfixes.  I made some
small research about opteron M/B and found out, IDE chipset needed is AMD and
nVidia, SiImage, Promise, SIS, and VIA.  Have you seen any Intel chip based M/B
for AMD64?  Maybe 4th quarter of this year as e32, but not AMD64.  I do not
know what else IDE chips(including SATA) for AMD64.

There are some products shipped with only SATA disk; thus AMD64-based system
developper should pay more attention to it.  We know SATA disk is not
performing at its full potential under linux, but soon it partly will be, I

Toshikazu Aiyama

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