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Re: "Trivial Question" - 32bit vs. 64bit vs. 32/64bit

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 09:56:39AM +0200, Hendrik Tews wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to raise other trivial questions for which I cannot
> find answers in the AMD64 HOWTO or via google:
> - What does pure64 mean? When do I want pure64?

pure64 is the name that was given to the native recompile of Debian for
amd64 without using the lib64 directories specified in the LSB, which
would have caused a lot of work to have been done. Instead of doing this
extra work some people decided to solve the problem in a better generic
way that all archs can benefit from which is called multiarch.

> - Same for biarch, what does it mean, when do I want it?

biarch has turned into multiarch which is the work on getting multiple
archs libs installed at the same time. You will for example be able to


on the same system and have it work right. However, this support will not
be finished before sarge and will likely be in the sarge+1 release,
since it requires modified gcc/glibc/binutils and package modifications
to every library package. This work is intended to be rolled back into
FHS/LSB at some future time, if Rusty likes it enough (I guess?).

Chris Cheney

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