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New DFS image available


An updated DFS is available at http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen/dfs/.
Since my initial announcement, the changes are these:

 * New amd64 kernel name to fix a compatibility problem with
   cdebootstrap.  Have now verified that cdebootstrap for amd64
   works in addition to cdebootstrap for i386.

 * New amd64 kernel compiles SCSI SATA support as modules instead of
   directly to permit users to use the IDE SATA support.

 * New packages on ISO.  Partial list: udftools mdadm gnupg screen
   ircii lsof subversion grep-dctrl kernel-patch-reiser4

 * Fixed /etc/mtab, so df now works

 * Some more docs.

 * .deb of dfsbuild now available (package submitted to incoming, too)

 * Updated amd64 packages collection.

 * No longer auto-detect hardware on boot.  Login message now tells user
   how to do that by running hotplug or discover.
 * Clearer startup messages.

Binary rdiff deltas are available to update your existing 0.5.0 image to
the new one (tagged 0.6.2).

In addition, dfsbuild has had these internal changes:

 * Modularized bootloader code to support non-i386 archs or other
   bootloaders on i386.

 * Support for several new config file options.

 * Updated to work better when installed systemwide from a .deb.

-- John

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