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Re: amd64 installter (Debian From Scratch)

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 11:03:30AM +0200, Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> Tried yesterday the DFS live CD, and it's pretty amazing! First live
> CD with 64-bit system that I was able to run on my computer. Quite
> historic. Installation of debian64 fails however,, probably at the

Two questions:

1. Did you make sure to boot the amd64 kernel from the Grub menu?
   (uname -m should say x86_64)

2. What exact cdebootstrap command line did you use?

   If you used the mirror on the CD instead of the Alioth repo directly,
   that could contribute to your problem.  Try:

   cdebootstrap -a amd64 -v --debug sid /path/to/dest \

-- John

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