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Re: gcc default for amd64 (Re: Bug#250174: gcc-3.3: Miscompilation of Objective-C code on amd64.)


On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 12:34:38AM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> In that thread, doko said it's alright to use gcc-3.4, and he just
> repeated that.

Well, we went in favour of gcc-3.3 to speed up the "pure64 in sid"
> It does not look like amd64 is going into sid in the next couple of
> weeks, so why not use gcc-3.4 when it seems to be a considerable
> improvement?

We are not? we have already build ~92% of sid, and actually working on
kernel-images and the debian-installer. IMHO we will have catched up
with all other architectures in 1-2 weeks (after we fixed the remaining
450 packages by hand) and are fully operational then. gcc-3.4 or not.

Why should we not go into sid within the next days? what is keeping us 
out of it? 

Will sarge really release by the end of next month? If I look into the
RC-bugs list, I don't think so. D-I made significant improvements,

So what keeps us out of sarge? 

Facing the debian release cycle, if we will have to wait 2 years for
sarge+1 with amd64 included, we will not have may users left in the end.

Frederik Schueler


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