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Re: debian install LiveCD for AMD64?

"Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D." <tyaiyama@yahoo.com> writes:

> --- Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
>> Its being worked on already. :)
>> With a 64bit kernel though. You can't properly install pure64 without
>> 64bit support, not the normal way. I have it on my to-do list but was
>> waiting for the 2.6.6 kernel image package to get uploaded and got
>> distracted compiling gnome 2.6.
>> MfG
>>         Goswin
> Hi Goswin,
>    Thank you for your sharing thought.  I do not understand "can't
> properly install pure64 w/o 64bit support, not the normal way".  If
> possible could your elaborate your statement further?  I think

The normal cdebootstrap will unpack the essential debs into /target
and then chroot in there to run dpkg, apt-get and a few other things
to install the system itself. Since dpkg and apt-get are 64bit
binaries you need 64bit support to run them.

> installer's system should be 32-bit because all the facilities are at
> our hands, and well-debugged.  I persoanlly do not like 2.6.5+ debian

All the facilities (udebs) except for a bootloader seem to be ready in
4bit. As for well-debugged that has to be done. But how would we get
them debugged without using them?

> kernel because of libata which restricts SATA disk partitions up to 15

Oh yeah, and one of those partitions is the useless extended partition
so actually there are only 14 on PCs. Bummer.

I suggest you try lvm if you like multi partitioning as much as I.

> partitions.  Also I do not like cramfs.  I personally created 2.6.6

Last I tried, which is some time ago, the D-I was using ext2 and I see
no reason to do otherwise for a live-cd. But does it realy matter?

> image for my Tyan Thunder K8W and Tiger K8W for dual opteron operation.
> Does your CD enable us to compile and install original kernel source?

I plan to put a 2.6.6-mm3 kernel source on the FS with everything
needed to compile it. Also all essential+standard debs. That way the
CD can compile a kernel and install with only boot support for the
cdrom and the disk. Any extra support like network is wanted but not

>    Now I know who is developping gnome 2.6.  Personally I hate KDE, and
> love gnome.  Now I should simply relax, and wait the good news from you.

Just compiling so things can get fixed before it goes into sid.

> Toshikazu Aiyama


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