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Making /pure64 image bootable


I have just created chrooted /pure64 image on
Now I would like
directly boot from it.  I personally do not like grub,
and my repeated
grub tries using README have failed again and again;
therefore I need
either one of the following assistance.
(1) How to install .udeb files.  I have downloaded
lilo udeb files, but
udpkg is also in .udeb.  I personally like lilo over
thus I would like to install lilo whether it is in
udeb or deb.
(2) How to use grub to boot from /dev/hde28.

Definitely I like (1) because my understanding about
grub is: disk
device assignmnet is relative.  Since I frequently
change the
configurations of IDE devices, I do not like hd0 or
hd1 naming
conventions.  I appreciate the effort of all the
people involed in the

Toshikazu Aiyama

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