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installing pure64 from scratch


I just installed a fresh pure64 install on a spare disk, in order to 
test debootstrapping from alioth. Thanks to Kurt Roeckx at this point 
for uploading all needed packages to aliot and thus making this possible.

The first problem I hit after booting into the pure64 install was a
missing keymap; console-data has no amd64 keymaps, so I loaded a i386 one
(what worked without any hassle). 

running dselect was no problem at all, there are still some dependencies
missing or broken because some binary-all package-parts have newer
versions then the ones on alioth or the other archives, but so far
no show-stoppers.

What hit me next was a missing fdisk, for which I had to recompile
util-linux and add amd64 to 2 lists in the control and the rules file.

apt-listbugs only spews out invalid CRC checksums on all bug reports,
apt-listchanges does not work at all. the crc problem appears on my
alpha and my ultra2 too from time to time, this may be a general !i386
problem, but apt-listchanges works on all other arches I am running, 
so I guess our python build is broken, or gcc, if I look at this error

bsddb._db.DBInvalidArgError: (22, 'Invalid argument -- architecture lacks fast mutexes: applications cannot be threaded')

well, and now for the "drawback of the day": there is no XFree86 binary
in xserver-xfree86. bummer.

In summary, the system feels fast es hell (faster then my 3200+ athlon
XP system) on pure64, but we have still a lot to do. 

By the way, why is gcc-3.3 still default, and not 3.4?

So far
Frederik Schueler

PS: I am actually rewriting the HOWTO to reflect the different direction
the actual development took, a working draft can be found at
http://users.idf.de/~fs/amd64-howto-rewrite-draft.html - work in
progress. If other people had the same idea, please let us join forces.


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