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Re: Get rid of the lib64 dir?

On 04-May-08 21:07, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> Anyway there are some package that fail to build as is on pure64
> because of lib64 dirs.  They install things in a lib64 dir and
> then when trying to package it then search for it in the lib dir.
> This includes atleast glibc and gcc, and I think xfree86 too.

I filed patches to the BTS which make gilbc and xfree86 work 
with the current 'pure64' approach by just switching off the 'lib64' 
features for the amd64 architecture. 

Those patches are quite short and simple (two or three lines 
for the 'lib64' switch-off part). I took your gcc package 
from the alioth archive and generalized your patch (disabling multilib 
and making lib64 -> lib and usr/lib64 -> usr/lib symlinks) so that it 
could be applied to the gcc package in the main archive. I did not file 
that gcc patch to the BTS yet.

I did not find any other packages which try to create files in lib64 and 
break with the 'pure64' approach for this reason.

Andreas Jochens

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