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Pure64 env.


I've created a pure64 system including grub. The compressed file is between 195 and 230MB and since I only have 512Kb upload the ftp-server is limited to 2 connections..... Need I say more ;-)

Along with a base system it has complete set of packages including kernel-source for compiling a 2.6.5 kernel (kernel-package is not installed though). So you should be able to compile a kernel without a working network.

I've placed a README file, containing information on getting the system running and booting. There also exist an installed.txt - result of running 'dpkg --get-selections > installed.txt'.

The files can be found at:

Known issues:
Don't clean /tmp on boot
Some packages are kept back from installation
More packages installed than actually needed

Hope you'll find it usefull


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