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Re: Bug#246547: [RFC] Re: Bug#246547: glibc: amd64 support is missing

* GOTO Masanori (gotom@debian.or.jp) wrote:
> BTW, this proposal does not dig the "/bin" path issue.  If we have
> both 32bit (i386) database binary (ex: mysql) and 64bit (amd64)
> binary, where do we put those binaries?  (I think one way to solve
> this problem is: to make /arch-os/bin for /bin, /usr/arch-os/bin for
> /usr/bin.)

I believe the intent is that this won't be supported.  mysql i386 will
conflict with mysql amd64.  To do otherwise would introduce quite a few
other issues.

As for 64bit libraries in /lib64, it's just short-sighted and kind of
silly.  Additionally, the requirement I've seen has been the location of
the loader, which we can conform with using symlinks.  The libraries
themselves I don't believe are constrained to a specific location (as it
should be).


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