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Re: Bug#246547: [RFC] Re: Bug#246547: glibc: amd64 support is missing

> Thank you for your comments regarding my patch. I was not sure about the              
> best place to put the 64- and 32bit libraries on amd64 myself until I                 
> read the multiarch proposal for the FHS and LSB standards on www.linuxbase.org        
> (http://www.linuxbase.org/~taggart/multiarch.html).                                   

The current public specification of AMD64 ABI says 64bit library
should be put at /lib64.

> According to the multiarch proposal the right place for the libraries                 
> will be /lib/<arch>-<os> and /usr/lib/<arch>-<os>, i.e.                               
> /lib/x86_64-linux and /usr/lib/i386-linux in the amd64 case. Similarly                
> for other architectures there will be /lib/sparc-linux, /lib/sparc64-linux,           
> /lib/mips-linux, /lib/mips64-linux, /lib/ppc-linux, /lib/ppc64-linux etc.             
> Contrary to the /lib64 approach, all libraries for all different                      
> <arch>-<os> combinations can exist simultaneously using                               
> these general multiarch library paths. Tollef Fog Heen has written                    
> a document (http://raw.no/debian/amd64-multiarch-2) which explains how                
> multiarch support could be implemented in Debian.                                     

It looks good proposal.  I guess this is one of way to support those
concerned issue.  However, before we transit to this proposal, we need
to verify for (1) toolchain (including libc) needs to support above
proposal, (2) debian or FHS policy is needed as proposal-compliant (3)
all package can be easily built by debian developers under the above
proposal.  IMHO, the most important key is (3).

BTW, this proposal does not dig the "/bin" path issue.  If we have
both 32bit (i386) database binary (ex: mysql) and 64bit (amd64)
binary, where do we put those binaries?  (I think one way to solve
this problem is: to make /arch-os/bin for /bin, /usr/arch-os/bin for

> To get things started on amd64 I strongly favor to put the                            
> 64bit libraries into /lib and /usr/lib until the multiarch issues have                
> been sorted out. Much work has been done in this direction and we could               
> have a fully functional native amd64 port really soon this way. The only              
> missing things at the moment are the appropriate amd64 directories on                 
> the official ftp archives and the addition of 'amd64' to the                          
> 'Architecture:' fields in the debian/control files of a small set of                  
> architecture specific packages.                                                       

I think it's nice to make amd64 distribution on your site, before
creating official directory.

-- gotom

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