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Re: Handeling of lib64 directories in packages.

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 07:54:10PM +0200, Mickael Marchand wrote:
> should we send patches in the BTS to ask stuff for pure-amd64 whereas we will 
> send _other_ patches in a few months to handle biarch (which is officially 
> the _same_ port in debian) ?
> this looks problematic to me ...
> I doubt we can easily send patches for biarch _and_ pure amd64 and expect pkg 
> owner to accept them (especially when these patches will for sure conflict ;)

You are correct, and that is the reason I have not sent any of my
patches to the BTS either.  One of the problems was that the biarch
people didn't know what *they* would want down the road either :-)

Now that we have a proposal on the table with real names, pure64 can
adopt those and, excepting gcc and perhaps libc6, submit patches that
would apply equally to both ports.

-- John

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