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Re: Doubt

Hmm, so how do you manage to get a 64 bit compiled kernel with a i386 based system?
you had to install biarch packages, right? Is that what i have to do ?

Tks in advance!!

Manwe Sulimo wrote:

Cierto día Sun, 21 Mar 2004 18:03:21 +0000
João Grilo <jgrilo@est.ips.pt> expulsó estas perlas:


at the moment i have only sarge i386 and 2.6.4 kernel compiled for i386.

Can't i build the 2.6.4 kernel for 64 bits without making a chroot environment ?

Yes. I have an i386 Sid and a 64 bit compiled kernel.

Can't i just add alioth to sources.list and install biarch on my present system ?

I can't help you whith this
Sorry for my english :)

João Grilo

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