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Re: GCC pure64 for building numeric stuff and GCC

That's what I was doing, based on comments you'd made in earlier e-mails.

Anyway, to let me repeat these instructions arbitrarily, without making
stupid typing mistakes occasionally, I've converted them into a script.
I've attached it ... for John's reference and the convenience of others.

The script finished building the binaries and made it to the point where it says
   ":: NOTE that this may take some time"
and starts running doxygen (which also emits a bunch of warnings, no matter).
That doxygen instance has had 90 minutes of the 3000+ processor time so far,
so I haven't got as far as the torture testing which is done later on in the build.

John Goerzen wrote:

On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 12:47:41PM -0800, Alex Perry wrote:
Has anybody (other than John) managed to build any of those packages,
using only the pure64 environment (i.e. not biarch or the cross builders) ?
If you have, could you please send me the packages of your toolchain ?


apt-get source gcc-3.3
cd gcc-3.3-*
debian/rules unpack

vim src/gcc/config/i386/biarch64.h, set TARGET_BI_ARCH to 0
rm src/gcc/config/i386/t-linux64
vim debian/rules.defs, disable biarch for amd64, add amd64 to the
not-for-this-arch line for pascal, ada, and gnat.

fakeroot debian/rules binary

there's the package.

-- John

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