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Re: reproducing my config

Alex Perry wrote:

Start with the pure64 tarball from John per message

Everything I'm using is from his archive or is available using this APT line:

deb http://www.fastwave.net/pamurray/ sid main

I should mention that "dpkg-dev" has to be pinned, either
in dselect or in apt/preferences, so that John's version
is not replaced by a more recent one in the mainline
which doesn't have the special hooks for the amd64 pure.
You'll notice if that replacement accidentally happens,
because package building starts giving _wierd_ errors. 8-)

I mentioned this in an earlier e-mail, but am repeating it here
for anyone who is seeking to reproduce my configuration.

Sorry for any confusion,

PS.  John, could you forward port your patch please ?
I don't recall where it is available online, otherwise
I'd just do it myself and stick the deb in my archive.

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