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reproducing my config - and python-numeric

Start with the pure64 tarball from John per message

Everything I'm using is from his archive or is available using this APT line:

deb http://www.fastwave.net/pamurray/ sid main

That currently contains the following five packages:

The kernel package is minimalist for a M6805 laptop,
the SSL packages apply the Configure patch,
the linuxlogo fixes the UNKNOWN on the login screen,
the ncompress is needed for building TerraGear.

My machine has XDM login to fvwm95 desktop, incoming and outgoing ssh,
mail services using exim and feels pretty like any normal 32 bit Debian system.
It is running "verilog" and supporting my normal day job engineering work,
but the lack of Numeric Python is still hindering some of my co-workers.
Package "atlas", which is a build-dep of python-numeric, fails to build for me.
Does anybody any ideas as to what might be wrong ?  I haven't looked yet.

I compiled FlightGear (the flight simulation package) and its dependencies
from their CVS source with no issues ... it'd be nice to have accelerated 3D.


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