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Pure64 Status Update


The autobuilder has not been building much over the last 24 hours
because it's encountered several builds that have hung.  Nonetheless,
since the last update, there have been several hundred new packages.  We
presently have 5616 packages in the archive.  A lot of servers are
coming in due to sasl being present.  Zope is now present thanks to
Python.  Many X programs are there.  Many low-level system tools
(reiserfsprogs, console tools, etc.) have also been added.

I have also pulled in code from others' repositories into mine,

 * X 4.3.0
 * Basic Gnome libs (should help the autobuilder)
 * PostgreSQL
 * libtool
 * Some others I forgot.

Thanks to all of you that have helped out with this.

Please note that some have posted .debs that already exist in
my repository with the same version.  (For instance, kerberos, db4.2,
db4.1, etc.)  I know there are a lot of first-time porters here, and I
apologize for not giving clearer directions sooner.

If you have made improvements to a package that already exists in the
repository *with that version*, you *MUST* adjust the version number in
debian/changelog per the binary-only NMU standard in at

Failure to do so means that people that already have the package
installed (including, most likely, the autobuilder!) will not see your
new changes.

Thus, I will *not* except packages bearing the same version number as
packages already present in my repo.  The real Debian archive won't do
that either.

-- John

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