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Re: Re: Pure64 chroot available


The openssl packages in the archive aren't working for me.  I just built
ssh, and it hangs forever trying to generate a key.  Rebuilding openssl
with the following line in openssl-0.9.7c/Configure fixed the problem
for me.

"debian-amd64","gcc:-DL_ENDIAN -DTERMIO -O3 -Wall -fomit-frame-pointer -DMD32_REG_T=int::-D_REENTRANT::-ldl:SIXTY_FOUR_BIT_LONG RC4_CHUNK RC4_CHAR BF_PTR2 DES_INT DES_UNROLL:asm/x86_64-gcc.o:::::::::dlfcn:linux-shared:-fPIC::.so.\$(SHLIB_MAJOR).\$(SHLIB_MINOR)",

This is mostly copied from the linux-x86_64 line, and it also turns on a
x86_64 specific optimization. :)

BTW, thanks everyone for the pure64 port.  It's great to be able to run
a fully 64 bit version of Debian on amd64!


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