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Re: AMD64 64bit vs 32bit speed increase

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Chris Cheney wrote:

> Default optimizations I just rebuilt the debian source without the extra
> plugins that depended on KDE/NAS/XFree86. I am not sure what the source
> itself does or if it has been optimized for amd64 yet. The Debian
> packaging itself certainly doesn't do anything special.

well, vorbis-tools does detect amd64 in the configure scripts; i couldn't
find that it does anything special.  OTOH, ogg vorbis encoding is heavily
floating-point dependent, and x86 is well known to have an awful
floating-point architecture.  I would be interested to see performance
comparisons on:
  1) integer codes -- say, one of the all-integer MP3 decoders
  2) pointer codes -- say, gcc.  Any non-media benchmark will do, really.

But 50% performance improvement on oggenc is really quite impressive.
Media processing is not exactly the first thing that pops into mind as an
AMD64 application.

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